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Looking to book into one of my LIVE fitness classes for the first time or interested in a one-on-one fitness consultation?  Or maybe you have a question about the fitness programs I offer.  Maybe you just want to learn more about what I do as a fitness professional!  Whatever your question or inquiry may be, please feel free to reach out to me!  I'd love to connect with you!  Drop me a line here!

*If you would like to book into a class, please include the class name, date and time! Thank you!*


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"I had to look in a deep hidden folder on my phone for the before picture. It hurts to look at it. This is me next to my best friend and motivator Liz. In the 'Before' photo, she is 8 months pregnant and half my size. The girl in that picture is smiling on the outside but dying on the inside; depressed, overweight and unhealthy. Two pregnancies in two years. I didn’t recover from the loss of twin daughters and continued down a path of unhealthy habits with my focus solely on having a baby. To our great blessing that baby came and her light shone so bright.

But I still struggled to lose the weight. That girl next to me never lost faith in who I truly was and continued to help me find myself. I got more active and started Beachbody. As I started to lose weight, I gained more confidence and more energy to push further. But I eventually hit a wall that I felt I couldn’t get over. In comes my friend Liz again. She told me about these Bootcamp classes she just started. She told me after her first class that it was tough, unlike any other fitness class, and she felt
amazing. At first, I was not interested. I didn’t want to make fitness a priority. So she continued to talk about it...all..the...time.

I honestly don’t remember how she convinced me to go to class. What I do remember was walking into that room and worrying that I wouldn’t fit in, that I wouldn’t be able to do it.

But what I did find during that first class was that it was made up of women (and men) of all different ages, fitness levels and backgrounds.

What I found after going back for class after class was: a love for fitness; confidence in myself;
a fit family. I lost 15 more pounds that I was trying to shred. But more than ANYTHING else, I found strength. I saw myself getting stronger. I saw muscles appear I didn’t know that I had. I found a strength in myself. One of the greatest perks has been how my family now enjoys an active lifestyle together. I’m proud to set an example for them.

And my new goal weight is: Strong."

-Lisa S.

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