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  • Do you offer modifications?
    Absolutely! All classes, both live and pre-recorded, are modifiable. I always go over any modifications for movements so that you are fully prepared for each workout. If you have a very specific need, please do not hesitate to reach out to me prior to taking any classes.
  • Can my child take your classes?
    There are children as young as 12 that take my classes, and it's completely safe for them. They have a great time working out alongside their parents, and it's a great family activity! Please contact me prior to taking a class regarding children under 11.
  • I'm completely new to working out - what do you recommend?
    My classes are for ALL levels of fitness! So, whether you are starting out for the first time or wanting to get back into a routine after several months off, you can exercise with me and work toward your goals. However, there are some days for my live classes that may be better for beginners. Please reach out to me for details or learn more here.
  • What do I get with a membership?
    My online classes are perfect for anyone, everywhere. As a paid member, you'll not only enjoy the benefit of pre-recorded workouts to do whenever is convenient for you but also participate in live-stream classes throughout the week, where you can get that "gym" feeling right from the comfort of home. Additionally, you'll find exclusive monthly recipes, nutritional tips from a registered dietician, pop-up workouts from fellow fitness professionals and more. All free members have access to mini-workouts and fitness challenges in our main member area along with our fitness forum, where we can all share our fitness journeys and motivate each other along the way. Consider this the fiit fam you've been looking for all along!

Interested in more fitness benefits with exclusive access to nutritional advice, workout vidoes, and more? 

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