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Nutritional Advice for Members

You don't have to choose between healthy & delicious.

Let's face it; knowing what to eat and eating right for your body is one of the hardest parts of your fitness journey. It can really make or break your routine, and the fact of the matter is that not everything works the same for everyone.  

Being in the field for as long as I have, I know and recognize this, which is why I offer nutritional guidance for members. You no longer have to play the guessing game with your food when you're part of Haley's Fit Fam!

In addition to periodic tips on the blog, paid members of Haley's Fit Fam can catch weekly guidance and exclusive recipes in the Member's Kitchen! 

Meet our Registered Dietician:


Katie Mihelcic, Registered Dietician

 Katie is our registered dietician and is available for one-on-one consults with monthly or annual members of Haley's Fit Fam. She will provide two presentations per month including a Q&A segment so that you can ask her your burning nutrition questions as they come up throughout your fitness journey.

When Katie isn't helping members with nutritional advice, she is teaching our Zumba Fusion class! You can learn more about her workouts and all of our other available classes here. 

Need help with nutrition?
Become a member today to get started!
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