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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















The Classes

  • Total body strength. Low Impact. Big results.

  • Learn proper form and execution of our most popular big lifts.

  • Join us for a free strength + cardio class to get the heart pumping fo...

  • Perfect for pregnant + postpartum moms to build pelvic floor and core.

  • Endurance is the name of the game in this high energy class!

  • Strength + cardio combined for a total body workout in 45 mins or less

  • A mix of cardio and strength training for the ultimate total body burn

  • Choreographed step aerobics with fresh beats and a good time.

  • Alexa brings the heat in this high intensity interval training class!

  • A fusion of dance + fitness party style! You won't want to miss this!

  • Three rounds. Tiny Pulses. Mega results.

  • Focused on rebuilding, recovering and restoring our body.

  • A class dedicated to proper recovery based stretching to help recovery

  • We merge step aerobics with strength training for the ultimate workout

  • Lift, tone, and strengthen your abdominals and glute muscles.

  • We mix cardio work with resistance training using mini loop bands.

  • 45 minute cycling class with sprints, climbs and jumps.

  • A combo of cardio and core work in 30 minutes.

  • A combo-style class mixing all of our programming together.

  • Beating your personal best is the name of the game in this workout.

  • A choreographed step class focused on strictly cardio!

  • Combo of cardio and core work taught by Power Train instructor, Alexa

  • Full fitness class focused on joint mobility and core strengthening.

  • Combination of HIIT and Strength

  • A 20 minute class focused on gently rebuilding your core.

  • A 25 minute class with all of our favorite cardio tracks!

  • A Seasonal Series

  • A Seasonal Series

  • 10 minutes of total body work using a small but mighty loop band!

  • A combo of cardio and core work in a "finisher" style!

  • Balance and stability challenge providing an incredible core workout!

  • Strong, lifted booty in 10 minutes.

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