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Another round of fitness picks! I've asked our instructors to share some of their must-have favorite fitness products with our fit fam! This week we are sharing one of Alaina's favorite products with you all!

Alaina is a registered nurse and a certified Barre and Spinning instructor in Boston, MA. She works at a high-end boutique studio teaching both Barre and Spin! In our membership program she teaches Virtual Barre classes for our fit fam!


No slip, no snag hair ties that retain their elasticity for up to 6 months with daily

use. Secure, yet gentle on hair. Come in multiple colors and target specific hair

types by offering different fits (fine fit, any fit and thick fit).

Why Alaina loves them:

They hold my hair tight as I’m bouncing around in kickboxing or HIIT classes without the damage!

If you're looking to get a better hold on your hair during our fab workouts, then grab yourself some of these hair ties HERE.

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