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Hello June!

Summer is here and there's no better time to make movement a part of your daily routine. Here is our scheduled line up for the month of June! I've changed it up a bit from our last months' schedule to give more variation and challenges throughout the month.

I'm very excited to welcome back both of our guest instructors! Alaina Stipcak is our certified Barre instructor who teaches at a boutique studio in Boston, MA! Alexa Campbell from Power Train will teach a high intensity interval training class for a powerful and effective workout! Two drastically different but phenomenal workout instructors! You can read more about our team here. I love that we have such a fun and creative variety all right here within this program!

This month you can also look forward to more "Nutrition Workshops" with our very own registered dietician, Katie Mihelcic. Katie provides such valuable information to our fit fam and also gives us tools, tips and ideas that can truly be the game changer when it comes to seeing results! These workshops are interactive and allow for a live Q+A at the end so we can really get the answers to specific questions we might have when it comes to nutrition.

You can look forward to some more AMAZING recipes from Lindsay Herring (aka the Pin-Up Baker as well as she shares her scrumptious yet clean treats with us!

We have some fun events, giveaways, and challenges coming in the month of June that I will be unveiling in the coming days! Let's make this our best month yet!

If you haven't signed up for my online program yet, what are you waiting for?

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