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Fitness Advice From Women Over 50: Jeannie Lewis

Introducing our sixth fabulously fit woman over the age of 50, Jeannie Lewis. Jeannie is a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. She loves to be outdoors and do yard work, go camping, and go jet skiing. She is employed with the school district and drives special needs kids to and from school. Jeannie is one of the longest members of Haley's fit family and has been working out with Haley since 2010. She is at the heart of what makes the "family" atmosphere so welcoming! Her smile in class and friendly personality make new comers feel welcomed and encouraged.

Jeannie shares that she has always struggled with her weight and felt uncomfortable in her own skin. She has tried dieting many of times and was unsuccessful. Jeannie states, "Before, I had low to no energy. I was somewhat lazy and maybe a little depressed. My weight was always an issue for me. I used to go walking, biking and do sit-ups but could never stay consistent".

Jeannie initially got started taking Haley's classes at a previous gym. She took Haley's step class despite feeling hesitant and quickly became addicted to the energy in the class. She now takes all of Haley's classes and states, "I will continue taking the classes she leads because I admire her ability to inspire, motivate, and the positive happy environment she creates. She personalizes things for everyone if she feels like it's needed. She is a ball of fire and I love it!". Jeannie shares that mentally she now feels good about herself and about her journey. She loves that everyone is treated like family in the class and that all are so supportive of one another.

Jeannie states, "It's such a family environment. The classes are fun, challenging and rewarding. Everyone is supportive and caring. The music is uplifting and helps you to stay in good spirits".

But Jeannie's journey goes a little bit deeper. Jeannie has a vitamin B12 deficiency which led to her heart attack last year. Jeannie shares, "I believe it is because of Haley and the classes she teaches that I had NO heart damage after my heart attack. I'm currently back in her classes and building my strength again". Jeannie states that she makes these classes a priority in her life and now it's more clear than ever why that is necessary. She states, "Make it a priority. It's not an option!". Jeannie was asked to share advice to those women who might feel intimidated to get started with a fitness program like this and this is what she had to share: "Take a risk and try it! You will love it! It's time to make yourself a priority! Haley will modify routines to your level. She will motivate you, set goals with you, and follow up with you and that's why you will continue her classes. You will love her and her classes!".

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