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Fitness Advice from Women Over 50: Maylene Miller

Our next fabulously fit woman over the age of 50 is Maylene Miller! Maylene is a wife, a mother of three, and a full time showroom manager working 6 days a week. Maylene likes to read, bake and therefore attend group workout classes!

Maylene shares that her fitness journey started about a year ago in September of 2016. Her daughter was getting married in 2017 and she was excited to get in shape for the wedding! She decided she wanted to lose some weight and get into shape. She started with a local Zumba class two evenings per week and would walk for about 30 minutes a day twice a week, but wanted to challenge herself a little bit more. She then started taking a PiYo (pilates + yoga fusion class) class with Jody once a week (at Uptown Fitness).

Before this start to Maylene's journey she states, "I felt very unmotivated and was very unaware of all the benefits that fitness could bring me". Maylene's two daughters, Tori and Tara, were taking Haley's classes on a regular basis and encouraged Maylene to give it a try. Maylene states, "I really am an old school aerobics girl and have always loved exercise classes! Now, I love that I can go to the same classes as my girls but have the modifications that Haley provides! Haley makes sure that the classes are good for all ages and fitness levels".

Maylene shares that she has to alter her schedule a bit in order to make class time happen. With long work days and a busy schedule it can be tough to fit it all in. But she makes it a priority because she knows how great she feels when she is able to attend. Maylene shares, "I make time to go to the classes by going most of the time right after work. I usually try to go to work early every day so that I can leave a little early to make it to class on time. I really try to attend 2 - 3 classes per week.".

Maylene shares that since starting classes with Haley she has become more conscious of her eating habits and how her nutrition can help her to reach her goals in addition with her workout programs. She also states, "The environment in class has motivated me to become more active". When Maylene was asked to share what she loves most about the atmosphere of Haley's classes this is what she had to say: "It is welcoming and everyone at all fitness levels receive a great workout! From the front super fit girls to the back where we are modifying but still getting a great workout! I watch the girls up front for motivation".

Maylene also has a message for those who might be intimidated to get started with a fitness program like this. She shares, "Don't be intimidated to join this class! There is room for everyone at all fitness levels. Haley always makes sure your form is good and you are performing to your personal level of fitness. It is never too late to start! The more you exercise the better you feel both mentally and physically! You'll feel ready to handle whatever life throws at you!".

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