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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Where are my spinning peeps at?! This one is for

you! Our Cardio Barre instructor, Alaina Stipcak, is also a certified spinning instructor and she has a fit pick for you that will bring functionality and style to your workouts! For all my local friends, these would be a great addition if you love Vickie Shank's spinning classes. Vickie is a fit fam member and a spin instructor at a local gym!

Alaina teaches Barre and Spin at a boutique fitness studio in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm sure I've mentioned her style in the past, but just as a reminder Alaina is one of my most stylish friends! Always on the up and up with the latest trends and bold, statement-style fashion. She is my go to friend when making any wardrobe decisions! With that being said, you can take her fit picks seriously and rest assured you're going to look cute while getting your sweat on!


"For my ladies who hate to run but love to cycle for a little extra cardio. These Tiem cycling shoes are my favorite! Not only do they come in a ton of cute colors, but they are super comfortable and the SPD cleats hide up inside of the shoe.  That means you can wear the cycling shoe like a sneaker and not have to worry about the cleat sticking out or breaking off."

Here are some features:

  • Rubber sole

  • BREATHABILITY and COMFORT: Engineered mesh and an athletic textile upper allows your foot to breathe throughout class.

  • CONVENIENCE: The recessed SPD cleat assembly and rubber outsole allow you to easily get around the studio while off the bike.

  • PERFORMANCE: SPD compatible (cleats sold separately), with durable nylon cycling shank underfoot. (Please note: SPD cleats are a 2-bolt system, these shoes are not compatible with a 3-bolt Delta cleat)

  • STYLE: The Slipstream is the original slip-on, single-strap spin shoe, available in an array of colors to compliment your spin style.

  • SIZING: We recommend choosing a half size down from your normal athletic shoe size for a secure, optimal fit. Sizes shown are US Women's sizes.

Alaina’s top color picks: White Marble, Vivid Pink, Solar Red

Why Alaina loves them:

"You can get on and off the bike easily or move around the room without your cleat sticking out! You can also wear them in/out of the studio without having to switch shoes for class. And, unlike your regular cycling shoe, they look super cute."

Grab yourself a pair here:

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