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Member of the Month: Krystal Satterlee

Krystal Satterlee is the definition of motivation! From initially hiding in the back row to a now front row leader, this 31-year old Registered Nurse, wife and fur-momma has gained mental and physical strength from our LIVE Bootcamp and Cardio Kickboxing classes! Krystal has been attending classes for nearly a year and has earned her place in the front row through hard work, dedication and perseverance. She knows that the ladies behind her are looking to her to help motivate them to keep pushing through the workout. But, she also finds motivation in seeing all of the women behind her pushing through some tough workout circuits too! "I've tried other classes and they just aren't the same. I personally feel like Haley's workouts give a more all-around workout. The upbeat environment and fast-paced workouts have me addicted to the classes! I love the variety of circuits that she offers! We always have new exercises and great music!"​ Krystal has a busy schedule between working as a Certified School Nurse and also working a second casual nursing job on a medical surgical unit. She makes time to get in her workouts because she knows that it's important for her physically and mentally. "Fitness has become important to me because I'm over feeling uncomfortable in my own body. I tried working out in other ways but I lacked serious motivation."

Krystal has also participated in online clean eating groups that Haley offers to her clients. These groups hold its' members accountable by requiring daily participation. Krystal has not only experienced a physical transformation, but has also developed life-long habits that she has continued to use even after the accountability groups are over!

"I'm definitely more aware of what I'm eating on a daily basis. My water intake is excellent. I have become more open to trying new and healthy recipes. Haley has been a huge help with encouraging me to take these steps!"

Krystal has made huge progress between Bootcamp classes and Cardio Kickboxing classes. I have watched as her endurance has increased, her confidence has grown and her body has visually leaned out. She has awesome definition in her upper body and has increased her stamina over the past 6 months. Some of the circuits we do are super tough. They are designed to push you to your max effort. Krystal powers through all of them -- often times never stopping for a break. I have other clients in class tell me how motivating it is to watch the front row --" if they can do it, so can I", is what they will say!

"Overall, I've lost weight and I have toned up a lot. I'm stronger than I've ever been. And I feel so much better in my skin"

I'll tell you what Krystal's secret is for how she has seen such awesome results. She shows up. That's her secret. She hardly ever misses class, .but more than that, she MENTALLY shows up to give her max effort every single day. Even if she feels tired, had a rough day at work, or just doesn't feel like working out -- she's there. She turns it on and she gets it done.

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