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Let's Talk Turkey...

It's almost here!! Turkey Day! The great day of Thanksgiving! Usually this day means getting together with family, sharing memories and laughter and eating really great food! It also means that most people will fast until their dinner and then over-stuff themselves until the point of no return. Sound familiar?? I thought so. So here are a few tips for surviving Thanksgiving without throwing away of your progress!


1. DO NOT FAST When you hold off from eating all day to prepare for a large meal at the end, your body thinks you are starving it. It then tends to hold onto all of the fat you shove in later. Be smart, snack throughout the day and eat normal meals. 2. Allow Yourself To Eat Your Thanksgiving Meal WHAT?!?!?! I can actually eat the dinner and still be healthy? Actually, YES! Turkey is one of the leanest proteins you can consume. I would totally indulge in some Thanksgiving turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, and cranberry sauce! I'd skip the gravy and choose a multi-grain roll (if available). That's actually not a HORRIBLE meal depending how it was prepared. Yes, even have a small piece of pumkin pie! 3. Watch Your Portions this is where it starts to count! Indulge in your Thanksgiving goodies, but watch how much you consume. Load up on veggies and try to limit the bad stuff. If those sweet potatoes have marshmallows, butter and brown sugar added in - one scoop will be PLENTY. Usually people lose control over how much they put on their plate and then over-indulge when they start eating. Make smart choices and you'll make it out without tooo much damage. 4. Turkey > Ham If you have the option, choose turkey over ham. Turkey is a leaner protein and lower in sodium (most times). Stick with the turkey!

5. Eat A Meal Before You Leave Your House Okay, sometimes you are eating at a relatives house and you can't really control how the food is prepared or what is offered. No problem. Try to eat a healthy snack right before leaving the house. This will fill you up and hold you over so that you are not ravenously hungry once you get there. Those delicious smells will hit your nose upon entering the door and you'll instantly throw your goals out the window. Be prepared! Have a full belly and a conscious mind! 6. DRINK MORE WATER SKIP the soda guys. Stick with water! Drinking more water before, during and after you eat a meal like this can help aide digestion and help you to feel less bloated. It can also help you feel full so that you don't over eat! Did I mention water is good for you? Have a glass of wine or champagne to celebrate the great Thanksgiving! (One to two glasses is plenty!)

7. Take a Healthy Appetizer Many times, everyone chips in and takes part of the meal OR an appetizer. Take something you can feel guilt free about. A veggie tray, some fruit skewers or even a healthy desert! And there you have it guys! My top 7 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving! Take these nuggets of advice and apply them tomorrow or whenever your Thanksgiving celebration is! Have a very happy, joyful and thankful day!

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