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I wanted to take a few minutes to share this amazing story with you!

This is a close friend of mine who wanted to prepare for the Cold Hands, Warm Heart 5K coming up in February. Her and her husband started the couch to 5K program.....even though their schedules were crazy with work and they have a family to raise at home. OHH and it's in the middle of WINTER!

She reached out to me initially saying she wanted to try to prepare for it, but was nervous she wouldn't be ready. Today, I checked in with her on how she was doing...and this was her response!!!

Talk about INSPIRING!!! This was not with my coaching. This wasn't with a Beachbody program. This wasn't with my Bootcamp class. This wasn't with a gym membership. This wasn't with any particular theory or juicing detox.

She said, "Yes and cutting out all the extra sweets, carbs and sugar. Not starving myself just being smart". friends....was from pure dedication, persistence, and hard work.

Feeling great. Off of medication...which I'm sure is saving her some cash! Having more energy. Getting compliments at work. Feeling more confident. I's a win win!

Why am I sharing this if it doesn't benefit me?? Because it is MOTIVATING! And it DESERVES recognition! I want to share successes like this because it it LIVING PROOF that all you have to do is set your head and heart to something to make it happen. Set some goals, and get moving. Put your blinders on and GO! Living healthy does not have to be confusing. It's a that you make and keep.

This person has asked to remain anonymous, which is absolutely fine. But she knows that I am SO unbelievably inspired by her and MOTIVATED!

If she can do it, so can you. What are your goals for 2016? Are you ready for a change? Let yourself be motivated. Make the decision to start today!

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