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5 Post Workout Recovery Tips

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

PLYO day feels "oh so good" on Wednesday nights. During these workouts we shorten the time for our workout to about 35 minutes (5 for warm up and 5 for cool down in addition) but crank up the intensity with plyometric HIIT circuits. This is definitely an important part of any workout regimen, but it also comes with the necessity to properly recover. I wanted to give you some tips for proper recovery!: 1.) Drink plenty of water: WHY? Water helps to replenish your muscles, joints, organs, SKIN, brain and cells. Staying hydrated with water is CRUCIAL. Without water your muscles won't get the nutrients they need. Water is the vehicle for all of the important recovery nutrients to reach your muscles to help them properly heal. Water also offers lubrication. 85% of headaches are found to be caused by dehydration. When you are dehydrated your muscles and joints tense up - causing cramping, tightness and soreness. 2.) Move!: Staying active even on your sorest of days will help with mobility and circulation. The last thing you want to do is plop on the couch or stay in bed — this will only make the situation worse. Again, the nutrients can't get delivered to your sore muscles without proper healthy perfusion. Stay moving to keep your joints and muscles loose and healthy.

3.) Foam Roll: If you haven't invested in a foam roller yet — do it — pronto! Foam rolling is (almost) like having your own personal massage therapist at your house. Roll out whatever feels sore — this also helps with perfusion of nutrients and blood flow to your muscles and tissue. It also helps to break up tight areas. I found my foam roller at TJ Maxx! 4.) Proper Nutrition: If you eat garbage following a workout you're going to feel like garbage for days after. Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to recover and heal properly. Lean proteins, healthy carbs, lots of fresh veggies and fresh fruit! 5.) Stay Consistent: Don't let a sore day deter you from continuing with your program. Of course, if you are SO sore that you're in serious pain, then take a day off of your workout program, but be sure to not let a day turn into a week! The moment you lose that momentum is the moment you are back to square one where you didn't want to be when you initiated this journey! Don't wind up there! Make your workout schedule and stick to it. Because ultimately consistency is what gets results! Period. Remember, the classes I teach M-F are programed to work together. Kickboxing days separate our heavy lifting days to allow for rest and recovery but to still offer you a nice cardio workout.

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