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The Hardest Part Is Showing Up

⛔️It's too early.

⛔️It's too late.

⛔️I'm tired.

⛔️I worked out yesterday.

⛔️I have so much to do.

⛔️I don't feel like it.

⛔️The weather is so nice outside.

⛔️It's too hot.

⛔️It's too cold.

⛔️I won't be able to keep up.


The hardest part about your workout is showing up. Change your clothes, lace up your shoes and get moving. It's YOUR body -- YOU have to be the one to move it! Nobody else is going to do it for you.

All of these excuses are going to keep you RIGHT on the nail that you're currently laying on -- but oddly enough, you're too comfortable to move. Comfortable going through the motions. Comfortable until you have to go to the doctors office and have your weight, blood pressure or cholesterol checked. Comfortable until you have to wear a swim suit, or a dress or a REAL pair of jeans ;) We all know what this feels like. It's time to move. Out of routine. Out of the regular motions. Show up to that fitness class. Press play on that home workout program. Hit the road for that jog you've been telling yourself you're going to start every morning! Get moving ✅

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