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💥SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! 💥 So, we set a new record last night in our FIT FAMILY. We had 53 - FIFTY THREE - people register to take the BOOTCAMP STRENGTH series with us! We only have room for 48 right now, so we max'ed the house out and had one heck of workout!

The energy in classes like this is like no other. I can't even describe it -- you HAVE to feel it for yourself. So many other people there working right beside you for similar goals in health and wellness. It's a motivating, encouraging and inspiring atmosphere to say the least!

And can we talk about the demographics of these amazing people?!?! We had people there ages 13 - 65! We had beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness folks all together doing what they could and feeling strong while doing it! Knowing that each class they get a little better, a little faster, a litter strong and a little closer at reaching their goals! Modifications are always available for any fitness level.

It's so inspiring seeing all of these amazing people working hard for those 45 minutes to do something so incredible for their body and for their health!

Thanks to my fit family for constantly showing up and being dedicated <3 We are truly showing our community that it IS possible to end this trend of unhealthy habits and start living a more healthy and happy life!

Our strength series is held on Monday nights at 5:15pm. You can contact me if you'd like to reserve your space for the class! Your first class is free -- and after that it's only $5/class. What are you waiting for?

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