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This month, our fit-family took a poll that asked what would be most helpful to them during the month of December. Their responses included shorter workouts, more fitness challenges and morning workouts on holiday dates. This is exactly what we plan to do in December! Our fitness crew instructors have all promised to shift their classes to be 45 minutes in length or less! Thank you Alaina [Cardio Barre], Alexa [H.I.I.T] and Katie [Zumba Fusion] for joining me in this mission for our fit-fam!


You'll also see we have some even SHORTER workouts on the calendar to help people manage their time even better during this hectic month of the year! Everywhere you see a lightning bolt is where our class time will be ONLY 30 MINUTES in length! You have one or more of these EVERY SINGLE WEEK in the month of December! For those who need that extra burn - don't worry. You'll have plenty of fitness challenges coming your way to add on to the end of the workout if you choose!


You're also getting a SOLID variety each and every week with a FIT MOM FUSION class at least once per week and a guest instructor at least once per week! You'll also have a different class every Monday to kick off the week fresh and different.


I also made it my focus this month to ensure that there is variety for my 5:15 PM live crew. If you're one of my PM POWER PLAYERS then you can look forward to being able to be live for nearly all of the different class types this month (with the exception of Zumba and FIT MOM FUSION which are both offered on weekend dates)!


Our FOCUS 90 challenge continues this month as we dive into what Katie (team dietician) and I refer to as the "slippery slope" month. This is when most people throw their hands up and want to throw in the towel when in comes to their goals because of the temptations and challenges. But we aren't going down that path! We have each other to lean on and I 100% expect for us to fully utilize that tool to get through the curve balls that might be thrown our way! You can expect to see some more fitness challenges, nutrition goals and self care focus!


I hope that this month brings you STRENGTH, POWER, and FLEXIBILITY amid the shifted craze that this holiday season will likely bring for everyone. I also hope you take some time to reflect on this past year, the challenges that you ALL overcame and how much stronger we are by it. I'm proud of you all for making this shift for the past nearly 9 months with me! Not giving up on your health, fitness and wellness during a time where it would have been easy to do so is a big accomplishment that you should all be proud of. THANK YOU, friends, for always choosing me as your trainer. Thank you for inviting me into your home, office, back porch or parking lot (wherever you're doing these workouts!). I'm honored and more motivated than ever to continue bringing you top notch workouts day in and day out. And as always, please let me know how I can help you! I'm here for you!




Haven't joined our crew yet? What are you waiting for? For just $20/month you receive access to hundreds of workouts along with LIVE workouts at your fingertips! You'll get 4 different instructors, 10+ class types and a team dietician. Throw in accountability groups and fitness challenges and it's one heck of a deal! The best part of this program is our fit-family. We have a private Facebook community where we share encouragement, motivation and accountability with one another. It's truly one of a kind. I hope to see you there soon!

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