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🍁OCTOBER 2020🍂

Where are YOU on your fitness journey? Whatever your answer is to that question, I want to let you know, that I'm here for you. I'm here if you fell off the bandwagon and want to get back on. I'm here if you're struggling with an injury or arthritis and need modifications. I'm here if you're trying to get into the best shape of your life and you want to take things up a notch. I'm here if you're ready to get your nutrition back on track and really want to supplement your hard work with proper meals! I'll meet you where you are and support you through your journey. We are in this together! Message me with your goals! Here is what you can look forward to for the month of October:

1. We are continuing with our 6 week series of our new upper and lower strength circuits for 3 more weeks. Then we are changing to a total body strength format for a little bit to change things up yet again. This is going to really challenge us. But in a fantastic way! You can expect a combination of both upper and lower body circuits combined for an incredible total body strength workout.

2. FIT MOM FUSION classes are offered once per week and with new programming for all my fantastic prenatal and postnatal momma's or for ANYONE looking to take back control of their abdominals and pelvic floor. Join us for these classes to learn so many great techniques and tips that you can utilize during other workouts as well.

3. "KICK FOR A CAUSE" FUNDRAISER EVENT: This event costs $10 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Women's Imaging Center at our local hospital here is Indiana, PA. You can join us at Memorial Park for a safe, socially distanced outdoor workout! Please wear a mask and bring your ticket to check into the event. Special thanks to Vickie Shank for setting this event up for us! There are a TON of giveaways happening so don't forget to wear your pink!

4. COMBO EXPRESS PALOOZA! We are bringing back our traditional combo express workouts where we combine kickboxing, plyo, bootcamp, strength, step and mini loop bands into one massive butt kicking workout! All in 45 minutes or less! 5. Your 23 minute workout will be available at the start of October so you can utilize it on your lunch breaks or if you're short on time and still want to get in a good burn!

6. MORE NURITIONAL CHALLENGES! You can expect more unit-styled challenge posts from our team dietician who has been ROCKING it with this new format!! I've loved seeing all of your photo's on her posts and the engagement has been outstanding! Be ready for another month filled with knowledge and a call to action!

7. MORE FOR YOU: I've made a point to ensure that no matter if you're working out in the evenings or mornings you're getting a good variety for your live workouts. Some weeks you'll get the strength workouts and others you'll get cardio based workouts! You'll also see that ALEXA and ALAINA are teaching on different days and times as well so you get even MORE variety! We have such an incredible team!!

8. PREPARE FOR NOVEMBER - JANUARY!! We have something SUPER exciting coming your way! Stay tuned for the ultimate challenge during the toughest months of the year to stay on track. I'm already ahead of the game and planning to help you as much as possible!

9. MORE RECIPES, INSTRUCTOR FIT PICKS, and MEMBER INTRO'S continuing to happen this month!

I look forward to spending this month with you! Let's keep our momentum moving forward and crush some goals! Feeling stronger than ever friends!

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