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Fitness Advice from Women Over 50: Jeanne Shoulders

Our third fabulously fit woman over the age of 50 is Jeanne Shoulders! The term "fitness family" rings true in the most literal sense to Jeanne! Not only does she take classes on a regular basis, but so do her 2 daughters and her husband!

Jeanne is a wife, mother of 3 wonderful adult children, a fur-mom, and a full time Nurse Practitioner at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Health Center. Jeanne loves to attend group classes and also loves to read, garden, go hiking and spend quality time with her family. Working out is a big part of their lives and they love to do it together. Jeanne has been a member of Uptown Fitness since 2003 (formally under a different name). She had initially begun working with a personal trainer and had a great experience. She was able to stick with her trainer for 5 years and eventually trained for a body building competition in 2006. She looked and felt great, but when it came time for the competition her self-esteem kept her from actually competing. However, she remembers how her hard worked paid off and how amazing she felt to be in such great shape.

After Jeanne's trainer moved out of state, she continued to workout on her own. She then had to undergo 2 surgeries (non-fitness related) in one year. Then she began to fall behind. Going to the gym now felt like a chore to her. In 2013 Jeanne and her husband Edgar made plans to hike the Grand Canyon with a few friends. That motivated them to start training again. They would have to hike a lengthy trail carrying all their items on their backs. But they successfully did it!

After that experience Jeanne states, "I continued to go to the gym and spend my time on the elliptical, treadmill and the weight machines, but it wasn't much fun. Then I noticed all the girls going to Haley's classes. I would peek in and think to myself...Oh I could never keep up! In March 2016, my daughter and I decided to try as many classes as we could that week. We fell in love with PiYo with Jody and with Haley's classes. We are hooked on group classes with our fit family!".

Jeanne loves going to Haley's classes with the other women who are on the same journey she is. She states, "We want to be active, healthy and strong. Haley is so motivating and she helps me to modify certain moves due to my knee injury. I feel stronger and I enjoy exercising again. I get so excited when my daughters are in the class also. I love that we are all a family". Despite Jeanne's struggles with a torn meniscus, she pushes through the best that she can and benefits from the modifications provided in class. Jeanne says, "I am so much better mentally. I can definitely feel my moods change when I come to class. I'm not so nice when I don't exercise! When I'm not in a routine of exercising, I eat more of the not so healthy foods. I feel tired all he time and I don't like how that affects my body. Exercise keeps me more focused".

Jeanne works full time as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. She builds group exercises classes into her schedule because she finds it helps her stay accountable. "I have a routine. If I keep that routine it becomes a habit and I know that works best for me. I need a schedule!" When Jeanne was asked to share what she loves most about Haley's classes this is what she said: "It's fun! Motivating. I absolutely love the music. I appreciate Haley helping us with our form to prevent injuries and also how she pushes us when needed to help us work to our potential".

Jeanne's piece of advice for those who might feel intimidated to join a group class is this: "We are a group of fun, loving women of all ages working toward our personal goals. You are going to feel awesome at the end of the class! At my age, it's really important to stay active and as healthy as possible. This is important at ANY age".

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