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Fitness Inspiration from Women Over 50: Bambi Cessna

Introducing our fourth fabulously fit woman over the age of 50. Bambi Cessna is a long time member of Haley's fit family! She has been taking classes with Haley since 2011! Bambi makes fitness part of her daily routine because she knows the importance of staying active as you age. Bambi is a wife, a mother, a grandmother of 2, and works nearly 60 hours a week. Despite her very busy life, she makes it a habit of staying active and attending workout classes 5 days a week.

Bambi got started on her fitness journey a long time ago when she felt she needed something more to take care of herself. She states, "I was a lot heavier back in the day and just didn't feel good. I felt overweight and drained. I come from a family with a heavy history of heart issues so I knew I needed to be proactive." Bambi used to do home videos and yoga on her deck but just didn't feel as if she was working hard enough by herself. She decided to join a gym so that she would be encouraged to work harder in front of other people. Bambi states, "I have come down a few dress sizes since starting at the gym and my body feels so much better. Some days I don't feel like going but now it's a part of my daily life."

Bambi loves that there is typically a 5:00 pm group class offered because it works so nicely with her work schedule. She is able to come right after work and get in her workout before heading home. Before starting Haley's classes Bambi says she was moderately active. She states, "I took other classes at the gym but they never seemed to push me enough. I would do a little jogging or biking. I am now learning how to workout hard without harming my body". Not only has Bambi seen physical results since starting at the gym, but she has also gained more confidence. Bambi states, "I can remember when I first started taking Haley's class. I kept thinking this class is too hard and is only for younger people. Now that I have been taking class for awhile, I see it as a challenge! I know that I can work harder and I come out of there knowing it was a full body workout! I am drained when I am done, but I also know it keeps my blood pressure under control and my stress levels reduced".

When Bambi was asked to share what she loves the most about classes with Haley this is what she had to share: "I love the music! I like to workout with it loud. It keeps me moving. The 5:00 pm time works great for me. I also love that she gives different options and modifications and she always lets you know if you are not doing something right".

Bambi wants to share a message with people who might feel intimidated to join a class like this. She says, "There are so many people in this class. No one is too heavy or too thin to start. Everyone there works out hard and gives it their all so it motivates me to do the same. You will never know what you can do unless you try! But give it a chance and it will do wonders! As we age you need to work your body. It's yours for life, no one else can do this work for you. As we age the body does a lot of changing and you ned to keep up with the changes. As I always say, MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!".

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