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February 2021

Welcome to another month in the HPF fit family! This month we are focusing on maintaining the momentum that we established over the past 90 days. Whether you participated in the Focus 90 challenge or not, you certainly saw some of our featured posts in our exclusive facebook group which included so much awesome information about nutrition, fitness, recovery, sleep, and more. I hope you were able to take in a few nuggets of information and use it to your advantage!

This month, as a valued member of our program, you can expect to continue seeing valuable and practical resources for your health and wellness journey. Here are a few to highlight: 1. TRUTH OVER TREND SERIES: In this weekly series our Regsitered Dietician plans to debunk some nutrition myths and shed light on some more nuanced nutrition topics. 2. WEEKLY HEALTHY RECIPES: Our fabulous Registered Dietician provides new and fresh family-friendly recipes for our crew each week. I challenge you to fold a few into your regular meal plans!

3. 10 MINUTE SERIES: My amazing fit crew is bringing the heat in some brand new 10 minute series workouts!

  • 10 MINUTE ARMS WITH Alaina: We all know Alaina's Barre class brings the heat with her upper body circuits. I've asked her to curate a special upper body only workout just for us! Those mini pulses are a great way to carve out lean muscle and let that definition show through! Tack this guy onto any workout for an added push!

  • 10 MINUTE ABS WITH Haley: We're continuing our popular 10 minute abs series this month! You can expect to see mixed difficulty levels this month for all fitness levels to be able to participate. This is a great option to add onto any workout where you feel you need more of an abdominal burn!

  • 10 MINUTE RECOVERY with Alexa: I'm so excited to add this recovery segment into our program. Recovery is so imperative to our progress and Alexa was excited to take this role on for us! She plans to break down some essential recovery moves to help restore, repair and take care of our muscles! You can incorporate these after any or every workout when you feel you need it! And don't forget to utilize the awesome dynamic stretching videos Becky provided!

Having these recordings in our workout library will be such a huge bonus to the program! If you're someone who enjoys getting outside or maybe throwing in a run or spin class occasionally, then these will be GREAT additions to those workouts. I know many of our fit family members are either busy working professionals, busy moms, students…or sometimes both…and they need a quick workout to get the job done. Now, with our program, you'll have convenience packaged up for you!


I also wanted to make you aware of some cool opportunities to make your life a little easier! I wanted to highlight TWO businesses who are offering some healthy options:

1. SANDY'S CUSTOM CUISINE: Sandy's is a local custom kitchen that makes weekly recipes for pickup (delivery is also available at times). She usually focuses on homestyle meals, but she has dedicated the last week of the month on healthy meals to help people stay focused on their goals! I plan to feature these meals within our page and also on my social media! You can order a single serving or a family 4 pack! Make dinner easy, yet healthy! The best part is that our Registered Dietician, Katie has reviewed each of her recipes to highlight the nutritional benefits of the meal! So you can easily find a healthy and convenient option and know you're getting the nutritional bang for the calories consumed. This is gold friends!

2. K+K CREATIONS: K+K is a new local business that curates a variety of grazing boxes. I want to highlight the New Year, New You grazing box which is filled with healthy snacks! This box is filled with fruits, veggies, hummus, greek yogurt dips, dark chocolate, nuts and more! All healthier options and perfect for a weekend movie or game night in with your family! I have personally ordered this box twice already and have loved everything about it! They are currently doing pre-orders only with pickup the following week.


I have some more fun prizes and giveaways for you all this month as well! I'm still planning out the details but keep your eyes peeled for some fun motivation!

If you're not currently on a paid membership plan but want to join please head here to do so. You can also contact me here if you'd like to just take a single class as a drop in (just $5). All classes are via zoom.

As always, thanks for being part of our fit family, friends! I can't wait to tackle this month with you all! Let's keep up our momentum and plow right through this month! I'm so grateful to be able to get these workouts in right from home and not have to trudge through the cold weather to get to a gym. This program has been golden! Thanks for being a part of it!



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