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Workout Of The Week

1. Jump Squat: Start with feet hip width a part. Squat back to make legs parallel with the floor, back is straight and chest is high. Explode up and reach over head. Land softly into the squat position and repeat. 2. Oblique Reach & Pull: Haley is using a 15 pound dumb bell. Keeping your shoulders over your wrists at all times on the planking arm, reach under with opposite arm and grab one end of the dumb bell. Slide the weight across the floor engaging your core. Repeat on the other side. Try to slide it as far as you can. 3. Dips with a Donkey kick: Keeping your shoulders pressed down away from your ears, bend at the elbows (fingers facing forward with a slight bend in the elbow) into a dip position. On the way back up, explode off of one foot and switch feet landing softly on opposite foot. Do each exercise for 1 minute each focusing on form.

Repeat the circuit 3 - 5 times depending on your fitness level. Post below how many rounds you were able to complete and how you felt!

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