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It's Not Meal Prep - It's Left-Overs

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

When I mention meal prep to some people, they turn up their nose and immediately respond with something like "I don't have time for that" or "I'm not that hard-core". Or they are immediately intimidated and feel like they are in over their head.

Okay people, let me tell you something. Meal prep is nothing more than LEFT-OVERS! And actually, it's not being "hard-core" at all. It's actually pretty smart and extremely efficient.

Think of it like cook ONE meal instead of 7 - 14 meals. You only clean pots, pans, and dishes ONCE. You save time throughout your week and ALWAYS have a delicious meal in the fridge ready to heat and eat!

Really. It's that simple.

Sometimes it is difficult to adopt a new mindset or a new routine. But honestly, take it from me. This "meal prep" has saved me time throughout my day and week like no other phone app, delivery system, schedule or plan I've ever tried.

My days are typically booked with appointments, meetings, clients, deadlines, research, brainstorming and my awesome workouts of course! That leaves little time to get in 5 - 6 meals per day. But I know that is what my body needs to be properly fueled and nourished! And also the best routine to help me reach my fitness and health goals. When I prep my food ahead of time, I am way more likely to grab one of these guys than to pull out pots and pans and ingredients to make a meal every few hours.

So, this week, for Sunday dinner I made a double batch of turkey chili ! I used the base recipe from the 21 Day Fixate cookbook and made the recipe a little different for my own taste! It is DELICIOUS! This cookbook was endorsed by a Registered Dietician and offers some of the cleanest and tastiest meal ideas out there! The turkey chili is a household favorite and is a frequent go-to meal! You can find my version of the recipe here! The turkey chili only took me about 45 minutes to make and about 15 minutes to clean up! This is definitely a go-to meal for Geoff and I both! We have no problem eating this each week as snacks, meals or sometimes both! That makes 16 meals for Geoff and I! Eight meals each!

The key is finding a recipe that you LOVE. Make a big 'ol batch of it, and enjoy the left overs throughout the week! Save time and energy. And that, my friends, is meal prep! ;)

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